Prerequisite for the study of Canon Law

Prerequisite for the study of Canon Law: theological and philosophical background, known as the First Cycle.

First Cycle


The study of canon law presupposes a theological foundation.  For those who do not possess an advanced degree in theology or who have had no previous training in philosophy, 24 graduate credits in theology (8 courses or two semesters) are required, covering (in general) dogmatic theology, ecclesiology, sacramental theology, and moral theology.  More specifically, these courses should include the following topics:

  • Elements of philosophy: philosophical anthropology, metaphysics, ethics.
  • Elements of theology: an introduction to Sacred Scripture; fundamental theology; the transmission and credibility of divine revelation; Trinitarian theology; Christology; divine grace; in a special way, Ecclesiology; general and special sacramental theology; fundamental and special moral theology.
  • Fundamental institutes of canon law.
  • Latin
The School of Canon Law and Franciscan University of Steubenville (FUS) have developed a program of study at FUS which could fulfill the requirements for the First Cycle and also provides, for comparison purposes, a listing of courses that would fulfill the First Cycle Requirements.
  • First Cycle Requirements

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