Towards a Ministry of Reconciliation

June 11-22, 2018

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Continuing a tradition that began in 1967, the School of Canon Law at The Catholic University of America offers its Institute on Matrimonial Tribunal Practice. The Institute, scheduled in June and held at the Theological College on the University campus, is designed for clergy, religious and laity who have not had formal training in canon law or Tribunal activity.  It enriches those with Tribunal experience, helps initiate those without it, and gives all an opportunity to reflect in depth on the Church's teaching and sacred discipline on holy matrimony. 

Lecturers and Staff

Dr. William Daniel, J.C.D., Director and Assistant Professor, Catholic University  
The Reverend John P. Beal, J.C.D., Assistant Director and Ordinary Professor, Catholic University
Mr. Timothy Cavanaugh, J.C.L., Judge, Diocese of Madison 
The Reverend Monsignor William King, J.C.D., Vicar General, Diocese of Harrisburg
The Reverend Monsignor C. Michael Padazinski, J.C.D., Judicial Vicar and Chancellor, Archdiocese of San Francisco
Ms. Grace-Ann Lewis, M.A., Coordinator

The Institute provides an overview of the history and Church's teacing on marriage, an introduction to the terms and concepts of the Church's marriage law, and an explanation of the procedures and jurisprudence that apply to marriage nullity trials carried out in Church Tribunals today. In addition, case study sessions are used to add a practical dimension to the program.

Past participants include those involved in parish ministry and Tribunal work, as well as others interested in the subject matter.