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Dissertations Completed 1916-Present

    Dissertations Completed: 1916 - Present
P = Printed Book; M = Microfilm; N = Not published



Dissertation Topics:

592 Markovich, Sofia Natalia  "The Development of the Principle of Subsidiarity in the 1983 Code of Canon Law" 2021
591 Muenks, Nicholas 

"The Court of Conscience: Transferring Cases from the Contentious Forum to the Forum of Conscience in Medieval Canonical Jurisprudence and Praxis" 2021

590 Verbeek, Siobhan Marie  "The Implementation of Canon 766 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: A Canonical Analysis" 2020
589 Marino, Jeannine "Be Perfect, Just as Your Heavenly Father is Perfect: An Examination of the Juridic Nature of the Diocesan Phase of Causes of Beatification and Canonization" 2020
588 Budney, Linda McDonald  "Towards an Understanding of the Place of Professional, Lay Parish Ministers in the Structure of Ecclesial Ministry" 2020
587 Stegman, Judith Marie  ""Mystically Espoused to Christ, the Son of God (c. 604 §1)”: The Basis for Proposing Juridic Principles to Guide the Development of Norms for the Ordo virginum"  2019
586 Bono, Richard  "The Right to Ministry, Remuneration and Support of Unassignable Incardinated Presbyters: A Canonical Analysis" 2019
585 Doyle, Sean Thomas  "The Developing Recognition of the Juridic Autonomy of the Eastern Catholic Churches: From the Pamphilian Jurisprudence to the CCEO" 2018
584 Onogbosele, Jude E. "Eucharistic Sharing in Mixed Marriages as a Graced Context for Ecumenism in Nigeria"
583 Bradley, James D.  "The Provenance and Purpose of Personal Ordinariates Erected under the Auspices of the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus" 2017
582 Kozlowski, Matthew M.  "A Canonical Analysis of the Authority Exercised by the Diocesan Bishop and the Religious Superior over the Religious Pastor qua Pastor" 2016 
581 Peterson, James M.  "Admission of Male Candidates to Religious Life: Ongoing Canonical Consideration, Canons 597, 641-645" 2016 
580 Esposito-Garcia, Juan R. "The Declaration of Absence of the Respondent in Marriage Nullity Trials; A Strategy for Dealing with the Obstructive Respondent?" 2016 
579 Decker, Zabrina R.  "An Examination of the Foundation and Activation of the Cooperation of Laity and Pastors in the Munus Docendi in Catechesis according to Canon 776" 2016 
578 Condon, Edward "Heresy by Association: The Canonical Prohibition of Freemasonry in History and in the Current Law" 2014
577 Zielonka, Dariusz J. "The Influence of the Second Vatican Council on the Function of Papal Legates.   Comparative Analysis of the 1917 and 1983 Codes of Canon Law and Selected Special Faculties"  2013



Farcas, Benone


"The Canonical Form of Marriage in Latin Law and in Oriental Law: A Comparative Study with References to the Application of Catholic-Byzantine Law to Selected Pastoral Concerns in Eastern Europe"  2010                                               
575 McEachern O’Brien, Jaclyn "Diplomatic Activity in Service of Papal Teaching: The Promotion of Religious Freedom in Relations with Selected Islamic States During the Pontificate of John Paul II "  2010
574 Beaudet, Christopher J. L. "The Promotion of Doctrine by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith  in Light of Pastor bonus and Canon 754"  2010
573 McLaughlin, Anthony K. W.
 "The Obligation of Perfect and Perpetual Continence and Married Deacons in the Latin Church"  2010
572 Rosen, Cyprian R. "Fostering the Patrimony of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin: a Study in the Mutual Responsibility of the Order and the Apostolic See"  2009
571 Ayala Partida, Rogelio "Accountability in the Exercise of Diocesan Pastoral Care: The Functioning and Monitoring of Selected Ecclesiastical Offices"  2009
570 Kolondra, Grazyna "Right to Fair Proceedings in the Judicial Penal Process in Light of the Norms on the Ordinary Contentious Trial"  2009
569 Giurgi, Eduard "The Impact of Dolus on the Legal Acts in the 1983 Code of Canon Law" 2009
568  Sheridan, Sean "Ex Corde Ecclesiae: A Canonical Commentary on Catholic Universities “From the Heart of the Church” to Catholic Universities" 2009 
567  Condon, Thomas M. "The Sanctifying Function of the Diocesan Bishop Especially in Relationship with Pastors: A Canonical Analysis of Liturgical Developments with Special Reference to the Eucharist" 2009             
566  Staab, Jeffrey M. "The Obligation of Clerics to Acknowledge and Foster the Mission of Lay Persons in Selected Institutes of Collaboration" 2008            
565 Foster, John J. M.  "The Nature and Use of the Recognitio of the Apostolic See with a Consideration of Select" 2007             
564  Akpoghiran, Peter O. "The Role and Evaluation of Witness Testimony in Marriage Nullity Trials in the 1983 Code of Canon Law and the 2005 Instruction Dignitas connubii" 2007            
563  Skrocki, Michael K.  "Historical Roots of the Extraordinary Form of Marriage in the 1990 Codex Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium as Found in the Imperial Legislation of Justinian, Constantine V and Leo VI" (M)  2006             
562 Cronkleton, Thomas E. "A Comparative Study of the Juridic Personality of a Roman Catholic Parish in Canon Law and the Laws of the State of Wyoming"  (M)  2004            
561 Bauer, Nancy A. "Benedictine Monasticism and the Canonical Obligation of Common Life"  (M)  2004
560 Brunetta, Juan Diego "The Spiritual and Juridical Bonds in the Order of Preachers: A Canonical Study"  (M) 2004
559  Oliver, Robert W. "Developing Criteria of Ecclesiality for Associations of the Faithful"  (M) 2002
558   Stuart, George E. "The Meaning of Sacred Status in the 1917 and 1983 Codes of Canon Law"   (M) 2001
557 Purcell, Thomas F. "The Training of Members of Religious Institutes for Ordained Ministry According to the Current Law of the Church"  (M) 2002
556  Kasny, Jiri "The Right of Defense in Administrative Procedures: A Comparative and Analogical Study"  (M) 1999
555 Jenkins, Ronny E.  "Recent Rotal Jurisprudence on Simulation “Contra Bonum Sacramenti” by an Implicit Act of the Will;  (M)" 1999 
554 Horn, Francis J. "The Role of the Lay Brother in the Governance of the Order of Saint Augustine"  (M) 1998
553 Jung, Jerome L. "Transactions Which May Worsen the Patrimonial Condition of a Public Juridic Person in the United States:  A Study of Canon 1295"  (M) 1998
552 Zwifka, David Alan "Regulation of the Rights of Individuals for the Common Good:  An Analysis of Canon 223 §2 in Light of American Constitutional Law as Articulated in the Opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States"  (M)  1997
551 Gerard C. Mesure  "The Diocesan Chancellor in Canon Law and in Praxis in United States Archdioceses"  (M) 1997
550  Kain, Stephen E. "Written Agreements Between Bishops and Religious for Entrusted Diocesan Works"  (M) 1996
549  Whitt, Dwight Reginald "The Personal Particular Church From the Antepreparatory Stage of the Second Vatican Council to Canon 372 §2 in the 1983 Code of Canon Law and its Application to American Roman Catholics of African Ancestry"  (M) 1996            
548  Armstrong, Christopher R. "A Critical Appraisal of Latae Sententiae Penalties in the 1983 Code of Canon Law"  (M) 1996
547  Duarte, John Scott "The Diocesan Bishop's Solicitude for the  Intellectual Life of Diocesan Priests"  (M) 1996
546 Soule, Warren B. Soule "The ""Summa De multiplici iuris divisione"": An Introduction and Critical Text"  (M) 1996
545 Foster, Michael Smith "The Promotion of the Canonical Rights of Children in Situations of Divorce and Remarriage"  (M) 1994 
544  Hesch, John B. "A Canonical Commentary on Selected Personnel Policies in the United States of America Regarding"
543 Pfnausch, Edward G. "The Relationship between Ministry and Holiness in the Life of the Diocesan Priest:  An Interpretation of Canon 276, §2, 1° of the 1983 code of canon law"  (M) 1994
542 Shea, Patrick T. "A Study of the Canonical Status of an Exclaustrated Member of a Religious Institute in the Light of Civil Law Considerations in the United States of America"  (M) 1993
541 Jugis, Peter J. "A Canonical Analysis of the Meaning of Humano Modo in Canon 1061, §1"  (M) 1993
540 Bartchak, Mark L. "Responsibility for Providing Spiritual Formation in Diocesan Seminaries According to the 1983 Code of Canon Law, With Special Reference to the United States"  (M) 1992
539 Joyce, Michael P. "The Ministry of the Priest in the Exercise of the Munus Sanctificandi as it Pertains to the Eucharist"  (M) 1992
538 Kurtyka, Edward J. "The Vicar Forane: An Historico Canonical Study"  (M) 1991
537  Peters, Edward N. "Penal Procedural Law in the 1983 Code of Canon Law"  (M)  1991
536 O'Connell, David M. "An Analysis of Canon 810 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law and Its Application to Catholic Universities and Institutes of Higher Studies in the United States"  (M) 1990
535 Bowers, Ronald J. "Episcopal Power of Governance in the Diocesan Church:  From the 1917 Code of Canon Law to the Present"  (M) 1990
534 Lusena, Michael "The Application of Selected Capita of Canonical Jurisprudence to the Practice of ""Proposed Marriages"" in Sri Lanka;  (M)" 1990
533  Schneider, Francis J. "Obedience to the Bishop by the Diocesan Priest in the 1983 Code of Canon Law"  (M) 1990
532 Hayes, Eugene J. "Rightful Autonomy of Life and Charism in the Proper Law of the Norbertine Order"  (M) 1990
531 Bartolac, Virginia Louise  "The Practice of the Evangelical Counsels in Secular Institutes"  (M) 1989
530  Espelage, Arthur J. "Authority of Ministers Provincial in the Order of Friars Minor Before 1518"  (M) 1989
529  Ryan, Richard J.  "The Canonical Status of Marriages Attempted Before Civil Authorities: A Historical Analysis from the Council of Trent to the 1983 Code"  (M) 1989
528 Cox, Craig A. "Procedural Changes in Formal Marriage Nullity Cases from the 1917 to the 1983 Code: Analysis, Critique and Possible Alternatives"  (M)  1989
527 McIntyre, John P. "Customary Law in the Corpus Iuris Canonici"  (M) 1989
526 Euart, Sharon A. "Church State Implications in the United States of Canon 812 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law"  (M) 1988
525  Cusack, Barbara Anne  "A Study of the Relationship Between the Diocesan Bishop and Catholic Schools Below the Level of Higher Education in the U.S.: Canons 801 806 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law"  (M)  1988
524  Moran, Thomas A.  "The Applicability of Canon 1095, 3? to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders in Vietnam Veterans"  (M) 1988
523 Blyskal, Lucy M. "The Ordinary Ecclesiastical Magisterium from the Antepreparatory Documents of Vatican Council II to Canons 752 and 753 of the 1983 Code"  (M) 1987
522  Breitenbeck, Marie "The Role of Experts in Ecclesial Decision Making in the 1983 Code of Canon Law;  (M)" 1987
521 Lahey, John Francis "Faithful Fulfillment of the Pious Will:  A Fundamental Principle of Church Law as Found in the 1983 Code of Canon Law;  (M)" 1988            
520  Walkowiak, David J. "The Diocesan Bishop and the Munus Sanctificandi: A Study of Its Legal Development;  (M)" 1987
519  Rinere, Elissa A. "The Term ""Ministry"" as Applied to the Laity in the Documents of Vatican II, Post Conciliar Documents of the Apostolic See, and the 1983 Code of Canon Law;  (M)" 1986
518  Johnson, John G. "The Synod of Bishops: An Analysis of its Legal Development; (M)" 1986
517 Koury, Joseph J. "Three Sixteenth Century Constitutions on the Dissolution of Marriage: A Study on Lawmaking and the Uses of Law;  (M)" 1985
516   Amos, John R.  "Associations of the Christian Faithful in the 1983 Code of Canon Law: A Canonical Analysis and Evaluation;  (M)" 1986
515  Beal, John P.  "Confining and Structuring the Exercise of Administrative Discretion in the Particular Church: A Study of the Adaptability of Certain Principles of American Administrative Law to the Exercise of Administrative Discretion by Diocesan Bishop; (M)"  1995
514 Mringi, Augustine  "Small Christian Communities in Eastern Africa with Particular Reference to Tanzania: Canonical Implications;  (M)" 1985
513 Jarrell, Lynn  "The Development of Legal Structures for Women Religious Between 1500 and 1900: A Study of Selected Institutes of Religious Life for Women;  (M)"  1985
512  Smith, Rosemary "Lay Persons and the Munus Sanctificandi: Legal Development from the Second Vatican Council to the Revised Code of Canon Law;  (M)" 1984
511 Balhoff, Michael J. "The Legal Interrelatedness of the Sacraments of Initiation: New Canonical Developments in the Latin Rite from Vatican Council II to 1982;  (M)" 1984
510  Donlon, James I. "The Human Rights of Priests to Equitable Sustenance and to Mobility: An Evaluation of Canon Law from the Codex Iuris Canonici to the Proposed Revision of the Code of Canon Law;  (M)" 1984            
509  Sachs, Leslie R. "Thomas Cranmer's Reformatio Legum Ecclesiasticarum in the Context of English Church Law from the Middle Ages to the Canons of 1603; (M)"  1982           
508  Pivonka, Leonard D.  "The Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity: A Study of a Catholic Response to the Modern Ecumenical Movement;  (M)" 1982
507  Churchwell, Stephen T.  "Epilepsy and Holy Orders in the Canonical Practice of the Western Church;  (M)" 1982
506  Frugé, Donald J. "The Taxation Practices of the United States Bishops in Relation to the Authority of Bishops to Tax "
505  Huels, John M. "The Interpretation of the Law on Communion Under Both Species;  (M)" 1982
504  McDonough, Elizabeth "Canon Law in Pastoral Perspective: Principles for the Application of Law According to Antoninus of Florence;  (M)" 1982
503 Teixeira, J. Stanley "Personnel Policies: A Canonical Commentary on Selected Clergy Personnel Policies in the United States of America;  (M)" 1981
502 Sparksman, Brian J.  "The Minister of Music in the Western Church;  (M)" 1981
501 Schnurr, Dennis M. "The Quamprimum of Infant Baptism in the Western Church;  (M)" 1981
500 Oosterman, John B. "Peter Damiani's Doctrine on the Sacerdotal Office: A Canonical Study of the Validity of Orders and the Worthy Exercise of Ordained Ministry;  (M)" 1980
499 McDermott, Rose of Lima "The Legal Condition of Women in the Church: Shifting Policies and Norms;  (M)" 1979
498  King, Geoffrey J.  "The Acceptance of Law by the Church Community as an Integral Element in the Formation of Canon Law: An Historical and Analytical Study;  (M)" 1979
497 Labbé, Emil J. "A Canonical Study of Pastoral Preparation for Priestly Ministry, with Special Reference to the Untied States;  (M)" 1978
496  Doyle, Thomas P. "The Understanding of the Concept of Bonum Fidei in the Church's Canonical Tradition;  (M)" 1978
495 Pokusa, Joseph W. A "Canonico Historical Study of the Diaconate in the Western Church;  (M)" 1979
494 Thrasher, Robert W.  "The Application of Canon 1014 to External Forum and Internal Forum Solution to Marriage Cases;  (M)" 1978
493 Modde, Margaret Mary "A Canonical Study of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) of the United States of America;  (M)" 1977
492  Diacetis, Anthony C. "The Judgment of Formal Matrimonial Cases: Historical Reflections, Contemporary Developments, and Future Possibilities;  (M)" 1977
491 Myers, John J. "The Trullan Controversy: Implications for the Status of the Orthodox Churches in Roman Catholic Canon Law;  (M)" 1977
490  Shoemaker, Samuel E.  "Lay Participation in Selected Structures of Church Government Since Vatican II;  (M)" 1976
489 Dillon, Edward J. "The Applicability of the Impediments of Consanguinity, Nonage, and Prior Bond As Found in Georgia Law to the Summary Process Established by Causas Matrimoniales"  (M) 1976
488 Hevia, Todd O. "Moral Impotence As a Canonical Matrimonial Disability: Juristic Origin and Concept  Use and Developments in American Canonical Jurisprudence;  (M)" 1976
487  Barnhiser, Judith A. "A Study of the Authority Structures of Three Nineteenth Century Apostolic Communities of Religious Women in the United States"  (M)  1975
486  Vazquez, Lucy  "The Common Law on the Novitiate in the Western Church from the Council of Trent to the Present"   (M) 1975
485  Paska, Walter  "Sources of Particular Law for the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the United States;  (M)" 1975
484 Miller, Robert A.  "The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Its Origin, Concept, and the Development of Its Competency"  (M) 1975
483  Grogan, Vincent B.  "The Canonical Implementation of the Renewal of Religious Formation, Government, and Internal Discipline Since the Second Vatican Council in the Order of Friars Minor in the United States"  (M)  1974           
482  Ryan, Richard R.  "The Authority of the Residential Bishop in the Latin Rite to Dispense from the General laws of the Church"  (M)  1973
481  Foley, Daniel R.  The Synod of Bishops: Its Canonical Structure and Procedures"  (M) 1973
480 Kutner, Raymond W. "The Development, Structure and Competence of the Episcopal Conference"  (M) 1972
479 Conners, L. Kevin "Incidental Causes In Judicial Procedure: A Historical Conspectus and a Commentary"  (M)  1971
478  Rehage, Joseph W. "The Private Ownership of Property by Individual Religious Before 1917: A Historical Study of Canonical Legislation Prior to the Code of Canon Law"  (M) 1971            
477  Knox, Lincoln M. "The Ecclesial Dimension of Valid Orders"  (M) 1971
476   Konda, Bernard A.  "The Changing Attitudes of the Catholic Church Toward Mixed Marriages"  (M)  1971
474   Henning, Clara M.  "Court Procedure for Marriage Cases of Nullity and the Renewal of Pope Benedict XIV"  (N) 
473 O'Connor, Seamus "The Structure of a Post Conciliar Diocesan Synod in the United States of America"  (M)  1970
472  Mazgaj, Marion S. "The Communist Government of Poland as Affecting the Rights of the Church from 1944 to 1960"   (M)  1970
471  Zemanick, John J.  "Canon Law and the Board of Trustees in a Catholic College"  (M)  1967
470  O'Connell, Paul T. "The Concept of the Parish in the Light of the Second Vatican Council"  (M)  1969
468  Kendall, Philip E. "Intellectual Formation in the Major Seminary Curriculum: Principles and Considerations A Canonical Historical Study"  (M)  1970
467 Jamail, Michael A.   "The Senates of Priests in the Province of San Antonio, Texas: A Descriptive Study"  (M)  1969
465 Hertel, James R.  "The Laity, Luther and Trent: An Historical and Canonical Analysis"  (M)  1968
464 Gilbert, Edward J.  "Redemptorist Exemption"  (M)  1968
463 George, Joseph S. "The Principle of Subsidiarity With Special Reference to Its Role in Papal and Episcopal Relations in the Light of Lumen Gentium"  (M) 1968
462  Espen, Donald R.  "The Canonical Form of Marriage    Re evaluation"  (M)  1968       
461  Doyle, Vincent J. "The Pre nuptial Promises in Mixed Marriages: An Historical and Canonical Analysis"  (M)  1968
460 Casanas Medina, Jose L. "The Law for the Restoration of the Permanent Diaconate: A Canonical Commentary"  (M) 1968
459  Borgman, Mason W. "The Common Life Among Clerics in the Writings of St. Augustine of Hippo and Ecclesiastical Legislation"  (M)  1968
458  Besendorfer, Ralph L. "The Valid and Licit Assistance at Inter ritual Marriage in the United States of America"  (M) 1968
457  Larroque, Henri A. "The Rejection of Judicial Witnesses and Their Testimony"  (M)  1967
456  Connor, James E. "The Invalidity of Marriage in the Roman Catholic Church and in the Civil Laws of the United States: A Comparative Study"  (M) 1968
455  Warnholtz, Carlos B. "The Nature of the Episcopal Office According to the Second Vatican Council"  (M) 1967
454  Semple, Martin  "The Obligation of the Divine Office in the Latin and Oriental Churches"  (M)  1967
453  Schettler, Charles H.  "Postulation by Ecclesiastical Bodies: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary"  (M) 1967
452 Graham, George P.  "Synodal and Pro synodal Judges"  (M)  1967
451 Dupre, Thomas L. "The Summary Process of Canons 1990 1992"  (M) 1967
450 Skillin, Harmon D. "Concelebration: A Historical Synopsis and Canonical Commentary"  (M) 1966
449 Devost, Godefroy C. "L'Eveque, Membre du College Episcopal" (M)  1966
448  Palma, Feliciano M.  "A Comparative Study of Wills in Canon Law and in the Civil Code of the Philippines"  (M)  1965
447 Dougherty, Thomas D. "The Vicar General of the Episcopal Ordinary"  (P)  1966
446 Donovan, Thomas F. "The Status of the Church in American Civil Law and Canon Law"  (P) 1966
445 Buckley, John M. "The Use of the Writings of St. Augustine as Sources of Canon Law"  (M) 1965
444 Sullivan, William J. "The Laws of the State of Illinois Affecting Church Property"  (M) 1964
443 Smith, John M.  "The Military Ordinariate in the USA"  (M) 1966
442 O'Connor, John J. "Historical Notes Upon the Reform Decrees of the Sixth and Seventh Session of the Council of Trent"  (M)  1964
441 Muzas, Joseph J. "The Concept of Matrimonium Ratum in Gratian and the Early Decretists (1140 1215)"  (M) 1964
440 Mahoney, Gerard M. "The Academic Curriculum in Minor Seminaries"  (P) 1965
439 Izquierdo, Herculano A. "Nomination of Bishops in Present Day Concordats"  (N) 
438 Fleming, Peter J. "The Laws of the State of Minnesota Affecting Church Property"  (M) 1964
437 Jacob, Isaac H. "The Meaning of Pars Sanior in the Rule of Saint Benedict and Its Use in the Decretal Collection of Pope Gregory IX with a Study of the Electoral Law as Found in the Decretum of Gratian"  (M) 1964
436 Catoir, John T. "The Laws of the State of New Jersey Affecting Church Property" 1 (M) 1964
435 Voegtle, Leonard A. "Canonical Reasons for the Rejection of Candidates to Final Vows: A Historical Survey and Canonical Commentary"  (M) 1963
434 Swierzowski, Stanislaus  "The Catholic Parties in Civil Divorce and Separation"  (N)
433 Goeke, John W.  "The Laws of the State of Kentucky Affecting Church Property"  (M) 1963
432 Calhoun, John C.  "The Restraint of the Exercise of One's Rights"  (P) 1965
431 Bowen, Henry G. "The Juridic Authority of the Church Over the Non baptized"  (M) 1963
430 Bonner, Dismas W. "Extern Sisters in Monasteries of Nuns"  (P) 1963
429  Seasoltz, Kevin  "Directives on Sacred Art and the Building of a Church"  (P) 1962
428  Schierse, Paul "Laws of the State of Delaware Affecting Church Property"  (P) 1963
427  Reissner, Edward "Canonical Employer employee Relationship: Canon 1524"  (P) 1964
426 Pavloff, George "Papal Judge Delegates at the Time of the Corpus Iuris Canonici"  (P) 1963
425  Paul, John "The Recipient of the Sacrament of Penance"  (P) 1962
 424 Christensen, Joseph E.  "Character Requisites for Reception of Holy Orders"  (M) 1962
423 Brenkle, John J. "The Impediment of Male Impotence, with Special Application to Paraplegia"  (P) 1963
422  Brady, Mel L. "The Quinquennial Report of Religious Institutes to the Holy See: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary"  (P) 1963
421  Quinn, Edmund  "Archconfraternities, Archsodalities and Primary Unions, with a Supplement on the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers"  (P) 1962
420  Song, Raphael  "The Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith"  (P) 1961
419  Renati, Charles "The Recipient of Extreme Unction"  (P) 1961
418 Nace, Arthur "The Right to Accuse a Marriage of Invalidity"  (P) 1961
417 McGough, James "The Laws of the State of Mississippi Affecting Church Property"  (P) 1962
416  Cunningham, Thomas M.  "The Canonical Suppression of Religious Houses"  (N)
415 Van Ommeren, William "Mental Illness affecting Marital Consent"  (P) 1961
414 Tierney, William  "Authorized Ecclesiastical Acts"  (P) 1961
413 Roos, John "The Seal of Confession"  (P) 1960
412  Nessel, William "First Amendment Freedoms, Papal Pronouncements and Concordat Practice"  (P) 1961
411 De La Cruz, Eufemio "The Leasing of Church Properties in the Philippines"  (N)
410 Dee, Dacian D. "The Manifestation of Conscience"  (P) 1960
409 Welsh, Maurice "The Laws of the State of Nevada Affecting Church Property"  (P) 1962
408  Schreiber, Paul  "Canonical Precedence"  (P) 1961
407 Sampon, Robert  "A Comparative Study of the First Provincial Council of Milwaukee and the Code of Canon Law"  (N)
406 Rodriguez, Manuel "The Laws of the State of New Mexico Affecting Church Property"  (P) 1959
405 McLeaish, Donald "The Laws of the State of Texas Affecting Church Property"  (P) 1960
404  Love, Paul  "The Penal Remedies of the Code of Canon Law"  (P) 1960
403  Gossman, Francis J. "Pope Urban II and Canon Law"  (P) 1960
402 Chyang, Peter B. "Decennial Faculties for Ordinaries in Quasi dioceses"  (P) 1961
401  O'Connor, David "Parochial Relations and Co operation of the Religious and Secular Clergy"  (P) 1958
400 Murphy, Richard  "The Canonico Juridical Status of a Communis" (P) 1959 
399 Hackett, John H.  "The Concept of Public Order"  (P) 1959
398  Gerhardt, Bernard C.   "Interpretation of Rescripts: A Commentary with Historical Notes"  (P) 1959
397 Dziadosz, Henry J. "The Provisions of the Decree Spiritus Sancti Munera: The Law for the Extraordinary Minister of Confirmation"  (P) 1958
396  Demers, Francis L.  "Temporal Administration of the Religious House in a Non exempt Clerical Pontifical Institute"  (P) 1961
395  Cox, Ronald J. "A Study of the Juridic Status of Laymen in the Writing of the Medieval Canonists"  (P) 1959
394  Clancy, Walter B.  "The Rites and Ceremonies of Sacred Ordination (Canons 1002 1005): A Historical Conspectus and a Canonical Commentary"  (P) 1962
393 Begin, Raymond F. "Natural Law and Positive Law"  (P) 1959
392 Adams, Donald E.  "The Truth Required in the Preces for Rescripts: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary"  (P) 1960
391  Vanyo, Leo  "Requisites of Intention in the Reception of the Sacraments"  (P) 1965
390  Ruddy, James  "The Apostolic Constitution Christus Dominus: Text, Translation and Commentary with Short Annotations on the Motu Proprio Sacram Communionem"  (P) 1957
389 Pickard, William "Judicial Experts: A Source of Evidence in Ecclesiastical Trials"  (P) 1958
388  Murphy, Joseph  "The Laws of the State of New York Affecting Church Property"  (P) 1957
387 Munday, James  "Ecclesiastical Property in Australia and New Zealand"  (P) 1957
386   McGuire, James "The Postulancy"  (P) 1959
385 McGrath, John "A Comparative Study of Crime and its Imputability in Ecclesiastical Criminal Law and in American Criminal Law"  (P) 1957
384  Markham, James "The Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and Universities of Studies"  (P) 1957
383 Hoffman, Lawrence J. "Clergy Conference: Canon 131    A Historical Conspectus and a Canonical Commentary"  (P) 1957
382  Henry, Charles W. "Canonical Relations Between Bishops and Abbots at the Beginning of the Tenth Century"  (P) 1957
381  Frattin, Peter L. "The Matrimonial Impediment of Impotence: Occlusion of the Spermatic Ducts and Vaginismus: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary"  (P) 1958
380 Ernst, Albert  "Free Admission to the Church for Sacred Rites"  (P) 1964
379 Dunnivan, John P. "Prejudicial Attempts in Pending Litigation: An Historical Synopsis and a Commentary"  (P) 1960
378  Deutsch, Bernard F. "Jurisdiction of Pastors in the External Forum: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary"  (P) 1957
377  Burns, Dennis J.  "Matrimonial Indissolubility: Contrary Conditions    A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary"  (P) 1963 
376  Bantigue, Pedro N.  "The Provincial Council of Manila of 1771; Its text followed by a commentary on Actio II, De Episcopis"  (P) 1957 
375  Kelleher, Francis  "Judicial Expenses"  (N)  
374 Sullivan, Jordan "Fast and Abstinence in the First Order of St. Francis"  (P) 1957
373  Sokolich, Alexander "Canonical Provisions for Universities and Colleges"  (P) 1956
372  Poblete, Elias  "The Plenary Council"  (P) 1958
371 Olkovikas, Albert  "The Instantia of the Lawsuit"  (P) 1957
370  Havlik, Bernard  "The Cessation of Rescripts"  (N)
369  Grajewski, Maurice J. "The Supreme Moderator of Exempt Religious Orders"  (P) 1957
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