• When will I get my Cardinal user account?

    Applicants and students receive Cardinal Credentials at the time of their association with the University. Your Cardinal Credentials include a username and password that is used to access University services. For example, you use your Cardinal Credentials to log onto Cardinal Mail, Cardinal Students, Cardinal Learn, the campus WiFi network, campus computers and other services.

  • How do I reset my Cardinal Credentials password?

    You can change your Cardinal Credentials password using the Password Change web application.

    Keep in mind that your Cardinal Credentials password expires every 180 days and will need to be changed. You will receive notifications at your alternate email address when it is time to change your Cardinal Credentials password. You can change your password by using the Password Change service.

  • Are my Cardinal Credentials also used for email?

    Yes, your Cardinal Credentials are used to log onto Cardinal Mail.

  • How can I use a computer right now?

    There is a computer lab available 24 hours a day in Leahy Hall room 117. There are also computers available in Mullen Library and the Pryzbyla Center. More information about our computer labs can be found on the Technology Services website.

  • Do I pay for the Internet connection in my residence hall?

    No, the cost for network access is included in your residential room rate.

  • Will Catholic University help me to buy a computer?

    Students can purchase hardware and software for personal use at reduced academic prices.

  • I already have a computer; can I use it at Catholic University?

    Yes, learn about using the wireless network at Catholic University. Please read about safe computing practices.

  • Is wireless networking available on the main campus?

    Yes, please read about using the wireless network at Catholic University.

  • I'm having problems connecting to the wireless network

    Check to make sure the wireless radio is enabled on your computer. Please find links to helpful support articles on the Technology Services website.

  • Can I connect with my own network equipment?

    We have provided network access for you. No other network equipment can be connected to our network ports as it may interfere with the operation of the campus network.

  • Can I use an Apple Mac, or do I need Microsoft Windows?

    Your Apple Mac will work fine on the campus network.

  • Can I install Microsoft Office?

    Students can purchase hardware and software for personal use at reduced academic prices, including getting Office 365 Education for free.

  • Can I forward my Catholic University email to another account?

    Yes, you can configure your Cardinal Mail account to forward messages to another account automatically. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the address to which you are forwarding works. Catholic University sends official communications only to your Cardinal Mail address. If you have specified a forwarding address and it stops working, you will not receive these important communications.

  • How do I use my Cardinal Card?

    Please visit the Cardinal Card website for information about how to use and manage your Cardinal Card.

  • Can I buy meal plans on my card?

    Yes, you can visit our Cardinal Card page to learn more about this.

  • My Cardinal Students logon account isn't working

    If you've forgotten your Cardinal Credentials password that is used to log onto Cardinal Students, you can reset it using the Password Change service. For additional technical support, or to submit a ticket, please visit techsupport.catholic.edu.

  • Is there a charge for using printing resources?

    There is currently no charge for printing in Catholic University's computer labs, but the printers are a shared resource, so please be courteous. Please review the Technology Use Policy that governs the use of technology at CatholicU, including printers.

  • Where can I make copies if I need them?

    Copies may be made at several off-campus locations.

  • What do I do if I have a problem with the network or my computer or email?

    Please read about how to contact Technology Services for technical support.