• When will I get my e-mail account?

    All students have at Catholic University. The first is your Cardinal Station account that was mailed to you when you applied to the university.  The second is your Cardinal Mail account for accessing your Catholic University e-mail. The third is your Catholic University Network logon account that is used to log onto lab computers and the home.cua.edu website.  Your Cardinal Mail and Catholic University Network logon accounts are created shortly before your first semester at the university. Once it has been created, you can find your Cardinal Mail and Catholic University Network logon account information by logging onto Cardinal Station Navigate to Student Self-Service.

    Once there, click on the Student Center link. Under Personal Information, select Catholic University Logon Accounts from the drop down list and click the Arrow button. This page lists your Catholic University username and email address, and instructions on how to use this username to log onto both Cardinal Mail and home.cua.edu for the first time

  • How do I reset my Catholic University network logon password?

    You can do this at home.cua.edu. If you are not sure of your password you can click on the "Forgot your password?" link located on home.cua.edu in the upper right hand corner. This page will instruct you on how to reset your password.

    Keep in mind that your Catholic University network logon password expires every 90 days and will need to be changed. You can change your expired password by using it to log onto home.cua.edu.  For more information about passwords, please visit our page about logging on.

  • How do I reset my Cardinal Mail password?

    You can use the Cardinal Mail Password Reset page to change your password. You will need to identify yourself as a member of the Catholic University community as part of this process. When you log onto Cardinal Mail with the new password, you will need to type the new password a second time, as well as identify the text in an image.

    Once you have successfully logged on with your new Cardinal Mail password, you can either opt to keep using it, or you can change it to something else by clicking the Settings link on the top right side of the Cardinal Mail page, selecting the Accounts tab, and clicking the Change Password link.

  • How can I use a computer right now?

    There is a computer lab available 24 hours a day in Leahy Hall. There are also computers available in Mullen Library and the Pryzbyla Center. More information about our computer labs can be found on our website.

  • Do I pay for the Internet connection?

    The cost for network access as well as cable service is included in your room rate. There is no additional fee you must pay.

  • Will Catholic University help me to buy a computer? What will you recommend?

    Yes, the Student Computer Initiative provides purchasing discounts for students and our recommendations.

  • I already have a computer; can I use it at Catholic University?

    Yes, all you need to connect to the University's network is an Ethernet cable. Most residence halls also have wireless networking. Be sure your computer has antivirus software installed, and is running a software firewall. Please read about safe computing practices on the Catholic University web site.

  • Is wireless available on the main campus?

    We have wireless networking available in the Pryzbyla Center, Columbus School of Law, Crough Center (School of Architecture), Marist Hall, McGivney Hall, Mullen Library, Pangborn Hall, Shahan Hall and portions of Maloney Hall, and Caldwell Hall (3rd Floor). For an updated list on our buildings with wireless access, you can visit our wireless networking page.

  • I'm having problems connecting to the wireless network

    Check to make sure your wireless is enabled. You can also check our wireless networking page to see if there is a wireless connection for your building.

  • Can I connect with my own network equipment?

    We have provided wired or wireless internet for you depending on what building you are in. No other network equipment can be connected to our network ports as it may interfere with the operation of the campus network.

  • Can I use an Apple Mac, or do I need Microsoft Windows?

    Your Apple Mac will work fine on the campus network.

  • Can I install Microsoft Office?

    Students may purchase software, including Microsoft Office, at reduced academic prices in the campus bookstore.

  • Can I forward my Catholic University email to another account?

    Yes, you can configure your Cardinal Mail account to forward messages to another account automatically. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the address to which you are forwarding works. Catholic University sends official communications only to your Cardinal Mail address. If you have specified a forwarding address and it stops working, you will not receive these important communications.

  • Where do I get a Cardinal Card?

    The Cardinal Card office is located in LL32 Leahy Hall. You can call them at 202-319-6403 or visit them from 9:30-11:30 and 3:30-5pm Mon - Fri.

  • Can I buy meal plans on my card?

    Yes, you can visit our Cardinal Card website to learn more about this.

  • My Cardinal Station logon account isn't working

    Cardinal Station User IDs are case sensitive, meaning if there are letters in your User ID make sure the right ones are upper-cased and lower-cased. Also check to make sure you have the right password. If it still isn't working, please contact the computer Information Center.

  • Is there a charge for using printing resources?

    There is currently no charge for printing in Catholic University's computer labs. For a list of labs with printers, please see our site on computer labs on campus.

  • Where can I make copies if I need them?

    Copies may be made at several off-campus locations.

  • What do I do if I have a problem with my computer, phone, or e-mail?

    Catholic University provides free computing help to faculty, staff and students at our walk-in Information Center in 200 Leahy Hall Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. You can also call us at 202-319-HELP (4357) Monday - Friday 8:00am to 9:00pm or visit us online at computing.cua.edu.