Students entering into the Licentiate in Canon Law (J.C.L.) degree program in the School of Canon Law may transfer up to six credit hours from courses taken at other institutions toward completion of their degree requirements. The University requires that such courses be relevant to the degree program and that the courses be taken at institutions with accreditation from regional associations. All transfer courses must be approved by the Dean; inquiries may be directed to the Dean’s office during the admissions process to determine if proposed transfer courses could receive approval.

Courses taken as part of a previously-completed degree program will not be accepted for transfer except in limited cases when students have already earned a civil law degree from an accredited institution. In these cases, the Dean may do the following:

  1. If the student has earned a degree from a U.S. law school, CL 715 American Law for Canonists is waived.
  2. If the student has completed a course on the First Amendment or in Church – State issues, CL 716 Religious Liberty may be waived in consultation with the Dean and Professor.
  3. Depending on the transcript from the law school, CL 727, Philosophy and Theology of Law may be waived in consultation with the Dean and Professor.