Note: This is a proposed schedule; changes may arise from taking courses in the School of Canon Law during the summer or enrolling for more courses in Columbus School of Law during a specific semester. After the first years’ course work has been completed in both schools, the number of courses/credits to be taken from the Law School in any particular semester may be adjusted from the proposed schedule to fit a student’s needs or interests.

The School of Canon Law Columbus School of Law
1st Year 8 courses + Latin
2nd Year 30 credits
3rd Year 4 courses 12 credits
4th Year 4 courses 12 credits
5th Year Thesis/Comprehensives 18 credits

Note: the first 30 credits of law school work must be completed during one academic year. The law school requires completion of the Professional Responsibility course (3 credits) plus two courses meeting the Upper Division Writing requirement and one course meeting the Professional Skills requirement. Students may elect the remaining credits from a wide range of courses including core (recommended) courses plus electives matching areas of particular interest. As an example, a student might take the following upper division courses to construct a basic curriculum that meets the requirements:

  • Corporations 4 credits (cr)
  • Criminal Procedure 3 cr
  • Evidence 4 cr
  • Tax 4 cr
  • Trusts & Estates 4 cr
  • Sales 3 cr
  • Commercial Trans 4 cr
  • Remedies 3 cr
  • Professional Responsibility 3 cr
  • Writing 1 2-3 cr
  • Writing 2 2-3 cr
  • Professional Skills 3 cr
  • Family Law or Unincorp Business or Elective 3 cr
  • Other elective(s)